Still Losing Weight and Greetings from China

I had a fan write from a website in China – however, the language they wrote in was Basque. It seemed kind of fun, so I added it at the end of this post. This week I will finish up a discussion on diet, weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, in general. I want to get back to writing about Physical Therapy – as in All Things Physical Therapy.

I have been posting on Losing Weight via exercise and diet since the first of the year.  When I started I had seen my own weight balloon over the holiday season, reaching a high of about 188.5. Prior to November I was pretty good at keeping my weight around 183.5. After the holidays, not so much. I am determined to get back into the 183 range ASAP.

I have achieved that, more or less. Over the past week my high end weight was around 184.5# and my low end weight was around 182.0#. I have reached my goal-ish, and now is the hard part. I noted earlier that anyone can lose weight for a couple of weeks. The trick is keeping the weight off.

I might work out a little less – with the goal of maintaining instead of losing weight. Hopefully I do not forget my new and improved eating habits. Losing weight is as much about exercise as it is about diet. If I keep my diet theory in mind (avoid white flour, white rice, white sugar, and white potatoes), I should do OK.

My original timeline to lose weight was April 15. Let’s see if I can keep my weight down for the next 6 weeks. Then I can figure out how much weight I can lose over the summer. (My ultimate goal is to see my weight under 180#, which it has not been since early in college, lo, many years ago. I am in no particular hurry to get there, as my theory is ‘The slower the weight comes off, the more likely it will stay off.’)

My best to the many readers out there who have seen a decrease in their belt size. Keep in mind that it is harder to keep your weight down than it is to lose it in the first place. If you haven’t lost any weight yet, keep trying. Losing weight is a long, slow process. Write if you have questions or frustrations. Good luck.

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Greetings from China

I adore duzun istorioak espero i ahal zara mantentzeko horiek datozen. Bene-benetan it da challenging aurkitu interesgarri blog gaur egun.

From Google translate: I adore you, I hope you can keep those stories coming. Honestly, it is challenging to find an interesting blog today.

Editor’s note: When I started posting 6 months ago I had 50 ideas to write columns about. I have written articles on about half of that original list. I now have about 75 ideas on my list to write about. I think someday it may be difficult to think of a topic. I have been collecting stories going back 36 years to when I started working in physical therapy, so I do not see a shortage of ideas anytime soon.

JKF: My question to you is, “Why is someone writing to us in Basque in a website from China?”