Losing Weight – Taking Short Cuts

One of my favorite things to do is break rules, cheat, take short cuts. That’s it. Short cuts. I have a business partner who was born and raised in India. He is fascinated by American expressions. Phrases like ‘Short Cut’, as in what is ‘Short’, and why was it ‘Cut’. The etymology behind ‘Short Cut’ comes from when a shorter path is found than one traditionally used.  The new path is cut shorter than the old path. Hence, ‘Short Cut.’

There are short cuts in a healthy diet, just like there are short cuts in almost everything else. The following are some of my favorite dietary short cuts.

La Croix is a carbonated flavored water beverage. There is no salt, sugar or artificial anything added. It is simply water, bubbles and flavor. It is kind of like drinking a soda, but with no sugar or salt, it is a fairly healthy thing to do, and a fun way to get a little extra water into your day.



Cafe Latte – Many adults have trouble getting enough calcium and vitamin D in their everyday diet. There are an estimated 10 million Vitamin D deficiencies found in the over 50 crowd in the US (per Web MD).  A ‘Cafe Latte’ is a large cup of steamed milk plus espresso. Having an occasional Cafe Latte is a nice way of increasing the Vitamin D in your diet.

Pony Espresso serving Portland, Oregon for over 18 years. (Owner – Bruce Lindner, no relation.)


Sports Drink (Gatorade / All Sport)  – if you sweat as much as I do, you need to replace your electrolytes. My favorite is Gatorade Fierce Grape – which I usually cut with water by half. I still get lots of great taste, but not as much sugar.





Osteo Bi Flex – Triple Strength: This is a supplement used to keep bones and cartilage healthy.  (To be honest, I have not used this, but my wife – who is my age and who runs 4 miles a day and often competes in half marathons – swears by it. This is a favorite of mine because it keeps my wife happy. If mama aint happy, aint nobody happy.)




Fish Oil – considered a to have significant anti-inflammatory effects. When I overdo it by running too much (too far, too fast, or too often) I often get pain in my knees and ankles. When I do, I start taking Fish Oil capsules. I believe they help my pains go away more quickly by helping me heal faster. I might be wrong, but that is what I think is going on. If you are having aches and pains, especially due to exercise, try having a fish oil supplement as part of your daily diet. (There are medical conditions that are aggravated by Fish Oil. Check with your doctor to be safe.)



The above are my favorite short cuts for either a healthy diet or to help me in losing weight, or maybe to help me get healthy so I can get back to losing weight. There is one other short cut I use that probably gets me in way more trouble than it is worth. It doesn’t really have anything to do with a healthy lifestyle. It is more of a problem solving short cut. When I want to do something and get it done quickly, my rule of thumb is,

“It is easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission.”

Use this short cut at your own risk.