Knee pain – Patello Femoral Syndrome


My knee hurts. Actually, both of my knees hurt, but the right knee hurts a lot more than my left knee. I saw my doctor who said I have ‘Patello-Femoral Syndrome’. My doctor said that I should go to see a Physical Therapist, but I cannot afford my co-pay. Is there anything you think I should do that might help?

If you came to me with a simple knee problem, like Patello Femoral Syndrome, (PFS), I would likely have you do our Magic Knee Exercise. (Actually it is our standard knee exercise program, but it often works like magic.) This is a very easy program, that has you do simple knee kicks all day long. If you do the exercise correctly, you should notice a decrease in your knee pain within 2-3 days.

Even though this is a very easy program, it should have marked effects on your knee pain. Most painful knees are a result of poor tracking of the kneecap. This exercise helps develop comfortable tracking of the kneecap. (Go to our Magic Knee Exercise Program and watch the video to make sure you are doing the exercise correctly.)

The secret to physical therapy exercise is 1) The more you exercise, the more the exercise should help, and, 2) providing that the exercise is comfortable. If you only do our knee kicking exercise 10 or 20 times a day, it will help, but not very much, or very quickly. If you do it 100 or 200 times a day, it should help a lot more and help a lot more quickly. Should is the key word. If it hurts to do knee kicks, you will have to do them more gently and do them less often until your knee cap is tracking better, and then you can start doing more.

To repeat, do as many knee kicks as you can, everyday, but only do them a lot if they are comfortable. If they hurt, do less. If you cannot do any without having a lot of pain, sorry, you will likely have to see a physical therapist. When you do, let them know you only want a few visits, because you only want a home exercise program. (Your PT may say, “Sorry, but your knee is so bad, you will have to come see me for awhile.)

Good luck.

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