Why should you exercise? Because Holding Babies Rocks!

Mom holding baby Breslin

I wanted to write a post about Six Shoulder Exercises for Arthritis. I wanted to describe how our advanced shoulder program helps those with arthritis problems. I have had numerous men and women with arthritic shoulders that have responded very well to a simple home exercise program. I wanted to talk about how our program will help shoulders move easier, how you will have less pain, so you can do simple daily chores like getting dressed, or putting dishes up in the cupboard or adjusting your seatbelt. These are all difficult for people with arthritis in their shoulder.

Then I realized none of those things will get you excited about exercise, and, if you are not excited about exercise, you will not exercise. If you do not exercise, then I am not helping you.

So, instead of writing about a patient who you might relate to so you will exercise your shoulder, I am going to write about babies. More specifically, holding babies.

As in holding your grandchildren.

My children are 25, 23 and 21 years old. I do not remember the last time I carried any one of them anywhere, but if I knew it was going to be the last time, I would have savored the moment. I know that carrying my young children was a joy. I have heard that carrying your grandchild is even more special. If your shoulders are really stiff, weak and painful you may not be able to carry your grandchildren, and that would be a tragedy.

Grandma holding baby Breslin

So, do yourself a favor. If you are getting to an age in life where your shoulders are getting a little weak, spend some time working out with our advanced shoulder exercise program. If you do, the payoff might be that your are able to carry your baby granddaughter or grandson, and that would be awesome.

PS: If you are really too weak to pick up and carry your grand child, do not despair. Sit in a large overstuffed chair maybe with lots of pillows for support. Then have someone hand you your grandchild, so you can sit and cuddle them for as long as you want.

To watch our advanced shoulder exercise video, go here.

All Things PT Advanced Shoulder Exercise

  • One of the secrets of this program is light weights. Use a little as zero weight (0#) and no more than 3# for the true shoulder motions. For elbow curls, you can use a little more weight, but limit it to about 5#. Maximal weights are not important. Developing comfortable, smooth shoulder motion is what is important. (A funny thing about building strength in a rehabilitation program – if you can develop comfortable motion, you will automatically be stronger.)
  • If you cannot do this program without pain, ask your doctor if you can see a PT who may be able to help you build comfort, mobility and strength.
  • If you have had surgery on your shoulder, double-check with your surgeon to make sure you do not have any restrictions from exercise.

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I hope you have enjoyed our post on Six Shoulder Exercises for Arthritis. Please send me any questions or comments you may have so I can be sure I am helping you succeed. Thank-you.

A special thanks to Brady, Jennifer and Breslin Burrill,

and to Ingrid Yarbrough for letting us use their pictures.