A Lop-Sided Athlete

Nick (Grand Rapids, MI)

I’ve got a question for you that I believe may fall under your expertise… I’ve been trying to workout more regularly to try and go for a goal time, as opposed to goals of finishing. Anyway, I have been noticing, I feel like I am lob-sided or feeling workouts more on my right side than left. I’ve noticed it most when working abs and core, but I’ve started to even feel “lob-sided” while running and biking. Is there something I can do to even it out? (After one race a couple years ago, a Sports massage therapist told me my hips were out of line) would that possibly the cause of this issue? Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated! Thanks,



‘May fall into my expertise’ ???
Anyways, your lop-sided feelings my have to do with band and they way you held your instrument in miles of marching. I also see lop-sided issues with track athletes who run around a track in the same direction mile after mile. You did both of these things. If you’ve given these activities up, eventually your body should train into a more neutral balance.
I would strongly encourage interval training in your workouts. The high intensity efforts will be an excellent way of evenly conditioning all of your muscles. When I say ‘Interval Training’ I mean pushing really hard for 10-20 seconds and resting for 30-120 seconds (the longer your rest, the more intense you can go during  your 10-20 seconds of high effort). You might do an interval workout for as little as ten minutes or as long as an hour. Otherwise, keep a balanced training regimen of strength, aerobic endurance and flexibility and your body should eventually come around.
Pelvic, Hip, Sacral alignment issues. 1) Virtually nobody has perfect alignment, so this may not be an issue. 2) If it is an issue, it is likely caused by being too tight (pulling you out of alignment) or weak (with your muscles too weak to keep you in alignment). You probably need to be looked at and advised by a trainer or a PT for this. Unless you are having significant pain, within 2-3 sessions you should have a good home exercise program you can do independently. In the meantime look at your strength and flexibility and try to resolve any imbalances you can find. (Stretch whatever is too tight. Strengthen whatever is too weak.)
Hope this helps, Bruce

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