We started this website to help patients and Physicians connect with Physical Therapy – either through the resources here, the blogs, the simple exercise videos, and how to Find a PT clinic near them. Periodically, and as requested by Physicians, we’ll add exercise videos to our library, products and books to our “PT Things” section, and each day of the week, our blogs and stories will be dedicated to a different topic.

This About Us: page is little about us individually in this endeavor …

My name is Bruce Linder. I’m a Physical Therapist. I’ve worked in physical therapy for over 35 years – since Gerald Ford was President – or, as I like to say since Coleman Young was mayor of Detroit.

I began working as a Physical Therapy aide in 1976 at St. Joseph Hospital in downtown Detroit. In 1980, I graduated from Wayne State University and began working as a Physical Therapist at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, Michigan. I’ve worked and consulted at many of Michigan’s finest health care centers, including: St. Joseph on the Boulevard (Detroit); Sparrow Hospital; the Greater Lansing Visiting Nurses Association; Eaton County Medical Care Facility; and the Barry – Eaton County Health Department.

Most recently I’ve specialized in orthopedic rehabilitation and helping the athlete return to active sports competition. I have strong working relationships with many surgeons and frequently I get their most difficult or sensitive cases. I understand when to respect a fragile injury, as well as when to help the patient push the envelope so they can return to peak sports play.

Hi, I’m Matt Carl. I’m not a Physical Therapist and will never pretend to be so don’t ask me anything technical. I am the layperson in this room and will direct you to the knowledge on this site or the knowledgeable PT. I come from the web technology, business and marketing world.

What I am doing here is helping promote physical therapy and exercise by helping facilitate All Things Physical Therapy as a crossroads of Physicians, Patients, and Physical Therapists. That being said, I do firmly believe in the merits of PT and exercise in general. As humans, we need to move – and as we age, we need to keep moving even more. As PT can help your body heal, regular exercise keeps us can keep our bodies and all it’s incredible systems continue to function properly.

Really though, my professional mission is to help others, like All Things PT, succeed in their mission. Through the services of CarleMedia.com, I also look forward to helping other Physical Therapists and their clinics succeed through our “Find a PT” system and our “Featured PT” programs.

Finally, we believe that it takes many points of view to bounce ideas off of.  We do that by tapping into the professional perspectives of other disciplines with our Advisory Board.

Kerry Linder, PT – Acute Care

Deb Bennett, MA Ed.

Jack Cribb, MD

Stephanie Cribb, OTR

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