2nd Lt. David Linder – ‘Honesty, Competition, and Joy’

June 26, 2012
My son David has had some success in life; in academics, in athletics, in his career. He often gets asked what his secret is. Last week he talked about his motivation – “Life is in your control. It is what you make it and don’t let anyone ever tell you no.”  David has more than one secret to his success. Today he talks about another secret – ‘Honesty, Competition, and Joy’
Growing up in the Linder household was not the easiest thing in the world. We are a pretty competitive bunch. None of likes to lose or even acknowledge the fact that sometimes we are wrong. It really turns into a battle of semantics. We might have been incorrect, but we were never ‘wrong’. Not being 100%  right is one thing but being wrong is completely something else. This competition between Jessica (my older sister, 25) and Daniel (my Little Brother, 21) does not separate us or push us apart but rather over the years it is why we get along so well and love being around one another.
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An Old Guy Working Out – Forefoot Running

June 22, 2012

Men in Black - Bruce and Daniel Linder - Note Daniel's longer stride causes him to heel strike while my shorter stride lets my forefoot strike first. (Picture by Ike Lea.)

About two months ago I finished reading a book ‘Born to Run’. This book (along with severe calf pain) inspired me to change my running technique. When I started running 35 years ago I used a heel strike technique. This seemed to work well for me, though I was never a fast or competitive runner, nor did I do extremely long distances. I was happy to run 2-3 miles several days a week. Read the rest of this entry »

An Old Guy Working Out – Fixing Calf Pain

June 21, 2012


I may not be quite this old, but some days...

This is part two of An Old Guy Working Out with Calf Pain. In the first part I talk about developing calf pain for no particular reason. In this post I will talk about how it almost ‘magically’ went away. Seriously, I do not understand why, but read on and you will see.

A perk of a high-speed, sprinting style of running is that it requires a forefoot running technique. When you ‘sprint’, you will naturally run off of your forefoot. Well, maybe not naturally. When I first started sprinting 3 years ago it took me several months of pain before I changed my running technique. Now when I run as a sprinter I have very little problems with foot or leg pain. (Just to clarify, when I sprint, I run off of my forefoot. When I run distances, which is seldom, I run with a heel strike technique.) Read the rest of this entry »

Date Night and All Things PT

June 19, 2012

After a morning run on a mountain side in Tennessee

My wife and I have been having fun with ‘Date Night’. This started for us last January, where we would get together once a week, work out, and then go out to dinner. Initially we did a two mile run followed by two miles of interval running. Several times this past winter the weather was too poor to go out running, so instead we worked out at Linder PT, using the elliptical, weight stacks, and then just doing a variety of calisthenic exercises like push ups, sit ups, lunges and the like.

As the weather improved we got outdoors more often but still tried to change things up as often as we could. We have ran, worked out in the gym, played tennis, gone canoeing, and for several weeks now we have gone bicycling. One day we slacked off and went to a local outlet mall and spent the evening shopping and making very inexpensive purchases (books, greeting cards, candles, t-shirts). It was a great evening – kind of like we were dating.

We have discovered some marvelous new (and old) restaurants, like; The Embassy, King of the Grill, Pizzanno’s, The Looking Grand Cafe, Vinagrettes, and The Log Jam. Not to forget old favorites like Carraberras, Findleys, Bennigans, Flap Jack Shack, and Cheddars. Every week we try to find a resteraunt we have not been to or been to in a while, but always after we do a light work out together.

Our Date Nights have been contagious, (at least a little). I have had two patients get excited after reading about Date Night, who then started their own Date Nights. One was single and in her 50’s. She realized, “Why date someone who wasn’t interested in physical fitness.” She decided rather than just go out for a dinner date, she would make sure her dates centered on doing an activity together, even if it was just walking around a park together. I do not know how this worked out for her as she is no longer a patient, but it certainly seemed like a much more enjoyable way of dating. (And for the Linders, it has been a great way to be married.)

My advice? Turn off the TV and get outside. Start your own Date Night. Even just going for a walk together is a great way of spending the evening. If you have small kids at home, make it a family outing. Everyone walks, runs or rides bikes together. Or plays catch. Or plays frisbee. Or anything. It’s your Date Night. Look for something fun.

27 years and counting.

2nd Lt. David Linder, Fort Hood, Texas – “Motivation”

June 19, 2012
Hello All Things PT. My name is David Linder. This will be post number one of which I am hoping to make a regular occurrence. My father has been asking me for some time to blog about my experiences in the US Army and in athletics. I have a few rough drafts already completed but I never knew really how to start my initial post. I think I have it finally figured out. I am going to give my mantra on how I approach my life. This is in all aspects of my life, not just sports, not just school, not just social life, not just work, but everything. It is simple and a lot of people may beg to argue, but this is my motivation,
“Life is in your control. It is what you make it and don’t let anyone ever tell you no.”  Read the rest of this entry »