Why should you exercise? Because Holding Babies Rocks!

March 25, 2012

Mom holding baby Breslin

I wanted to write a post about Six Shoulder Exercises for Arthritis. I wanted to describe how our advanced shoulder program helps those with arthritis problems. I have had numerous men and women with arthritic shoulders that have responded very well to a simple home exercise program. I wanted to talk about how our program will help shoulders move easier, how you will have less pain, so you can do simple daily chores like getting dressed, or putting dishes up in the cupboard or adjusting your seatbelt. These are all difficult for people with arthritis in their shoulder.

Then I realized none of those things will get you excited about exercise, and, if you are not excited about exercise, you will not exercise. If you do not exercise, then I am not helping you.

So, instead of writing about a patient who you might relate to so you will exercise your shoulder, I am going to write about babies. More specifically, holding babies. Read the rest of this entry »